Tokyo Red Bunny Tattoo

Japanese/ English 

Studio Information

-Walk in-
As long as it´s within business hours (13:00 - 20:00) you don´t need to make a reservation for consultation or walk in.
Depending on the size and complexity of the Tattoo you will either be able to do it at once
if an artist is free or schedule an appointment in the near future.

Picking your design.
You either bring a design with you or you talk to us about it and we design something for you. 
We can cover up or touch up old Tattoos. 
We do not have flash work in the studio. 

Between our four artists we cover most styles of tattooing. 
We got 1 female tattoo artist and one English speaking artist.
We announce on twitter which of the artists will be in for the day. 
You can freely pick who you want to make your Tattoo if it´s not a walk in tattoo.

Work stations
All booths are completely private rooms for your piece of mind.

Booking information
When you make your booking you will pay a deposit of 10 000 (+500yen paypal fee)¥,
This will then be deducted from the final price when the tattoo is finished.
There is no return of the deposit if you cancel your appointment.

The day of the tattoo
Please come in a fully rested condition. Try to sleep well and eat well before the Tattoo.
Bring photo identification (Driver´s licens, passport, etc) 
*If you need to change the day of the Tattoo please do so one week in advance. 

If you are visiting Tokyo and plan to get a Tattoo here we advice you to drop by the studio as early in your stay as possible.
This way we can make sure there is enough time to finish your Tattoo.

Small Tattoo........ ¥ 10,000 ~

Tobacco box size ......... ¥ 30,000 ~

Postcard size ......... ¥ 50,000 ~

For big tattoos we charge by the hour

1Hour: 12000¥
(1Hour with Akatsuki: 15000¥)

if you pay with card there is a 5% fee.

★ Studio hygiene management
All needles, ink caps, gloves, mask and bed sheets are one time use only.
We sterilize our equipment with: 
Gurutohaido 3,5%
Ultra Sonic Cleaner (ultrasonic thermal cleaning equipment) + Autoclave (High temperature and high pressure sterilizer)

Others · Notes
Our shop refuse tattoos towards the following:
If you are under 19 years old.
If you carrie any diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis, Diabetes, Liver disease, Blood disease, Allergy. 
If you are under the influence of drugs or alchohol. 
If you cant behave yourself.
If you are involved in gang member activities.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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